Counseling 101: How To Maintain Good Karma As A Marketer

When you are in the marketing industry, some veterans may tell you that you need to be prepared to make something seem good, even if it’s not. When I was rewatching The Big Bang Theory the other day, Penny (one of the main characters) talked about how her company’s new drug product had a 10% chance of causing a mental health disorder. However, she was never expected to say that to the doctors they were selling the drug to. Instead, she was supposed to say that it would give the patient a 90% chance of getting better.


I had to pause the screen and ponder about it. The reality was that marketing schemes like that were prevalent in comedic TV shows and real life. You would see all kinds of products on the market, but you would rarely hear their marketers talking about their harmful effects. Some people might insist on asking about those things, but the marketer might go as far as saying that it would be a little more expensive than what other brands could offer come up, but then they do a U-turn and try to upsell their goods again.

Why You Should Not Do That

I decided to build a marketing agency a few years ago. Various companies would contact us to help promote their products online or offline. My initial idea was to hire talented marketers because I assumed that they would know their clientele better than others at this point. They might even have some cool tricks under their sleeves to increase their sales.

However, during one of my surprise visits at our promo location, I watched first-hand how one of my marketers practically lied about the adverse sides of the energy drink we had on display. I would have overlooked it if it was sugar-coating, but they said it had zero side effects. Zero!


Most people who heard that went away from the booth as fast as possible. I could not blame them because it was impossible to get a perfect product, especially in the required decades of research. Even the best products that we currently have are still not excellent, and to claim otherwise was an insult to others’ intelligence.

Before I needed counseling for my mental health, I called everyone back to the office that day and gave them a lengthy lecture about maintaining good karma as marketers.

Be Transparent

The most fundamental way is to become transparent about the things you know about your selling product. For instance, if you are knowledgeable about its good effects, it would be great to emphasize. It would even be better if you could share scientific information about them.

Now, considering you have no idea what your potential consumer asked about, it would not be wrong to say that that aspect is currently under development. “Still, not having that in your current product will not diminish its goodness, so you should still try it.” This is much more recommendable than lying.


 Use Real People

Although it is good to have marketers on-site to explain a product’s benefits to people, it would also be ideal to hire individuals who have genuinely experienced the goodness of it. You may often see this scheme in holistic companies, considering their products and services may not always be proven by research. Thus, they need people to prove their value and essence to others.

Is this lying? Of course, it isn’t. Just make sure to put any effort into finding the ones whose lives genuinely changed for the better because of the products instead of opting for posers.

Admit Your Misgivings

One more technique that marketers should use is claiming the things that your product cannot do from the beginning. You may start with, “This is not for you if you can’t do this or that or you can’t have this or that.”


It may sound a bit negative, but such a disclaimer gives people a realistic expectation about what they can get from you. It would also allow you to filter through individuals who show genuine interest in availing of your products.

Final Thoughts

Karma can come in various forms when you are a marketer. The quickest one is receiving bashing on social media platforms. That’s terrible because millions of people may read disgusting comments about your brand. But what can be worse than that is a product recall or license suspension due to the falsehoods that your employees have been spreading. Either may push you to file for bankruptcy in no time, and that’s not ideal for anyone.

If you want to avoid negative karma, you need to stay truthful to your consumers. Be honest about what your products can do; be upfront about what they CAN’T do. Everyone will appreciate you for it – trust me.

Counselor Answers: How Can A Company Get The Best Employees?

I have been working for the same company for a couple of years now. I had seen many of my coworkers come and go after three months or so because they turned out to be unfit for the kind of job they applied for.

What’s the big idea, you might ask?

Some of them thought that it was easy to become a marketing strategy editor. I attended introductory meetings with those new employees, and they expressed that their trial tests were too easy. One of them was even smug enough to say, “I hope to be challenged soon.” Inwardly, I was like, “Chill, big guy. You’ll see a real challenge in no time.” And after a short while, I just learned that that guy got dismissed because he could not keep up with the rest of us.


Meanwhile, the bosses also gave a shot to people with completely different job experiences to bring out their natural talents. The issue, however, was that they did not set any bar at all, so they ended up hiring individuals who did not have a single clue about what they must do, no matter how many hours of training they had.

In the end, I became the only full-time marketing editor in the company, while the others were all part-timers.

The Bosses’ Big Decision

My direct superior, the head of sales and marketing, called me to his office one day for a meeting. I did a mental check on the things that I did the last few days and could not remember one issue, so I thought that was not why I was hailed. When I sat down, he asked how I was doing with my work, if it was difficult, etc.


“The actual job per se was not difficult. I loved a good challenge, after all. The problem was that there was just an inhuman amount of projects thrown my way at this time because I’m the only full-time marketing editor right now. But other than that, it’s all good,” I replied.

My boss nodded thoughtfully. He said, “I understand. Even I am having issues from my end because of the backlog, which is not your fault. It would be nice if we could have new editors to support you.”

“I agree,” I uttered.

“My counselor gave me something to ponder on when I met her last week. She told me that one possible reason why our editors could not last was that we allowed the HR team to train them, even though they did not know the full extent of the job. Hence, I would like to appoint you as the new supervisor of the marketing editor team. Is that something that you would like to do?”


“Oh, wow,” was all I could say. We already had managers, so I did not expect to get a promotion anytime soon. Granted, the supervisor role was a cross between my current job and the manager’s job, but it was still a promotion, so I immediately said yes when I got over my shock.

How I Did With My New Post

There was that initial doubt about my ability to become a great mentor for the new editors. After all, I had never taken on such a responsibility ever in my life. However, my project managers gave me their support and told me that there was nothing to worry about because I was the best person for that role, so I tried to remember that when I was already training the newbies.

Was it easy? I could not say that it was because the people that I trained had different skills. Some of them used to be book editors, while others were writers. But none of them experienced being a marketing editor in the past, so they all went through baby steps for a couple of weeks.


Was I harsh on them? Of course not – I was even joking with them. However, it became clear to those people that their jobs hinged on my approval when I started correcting their work without leaving any stone unturned. That made some of them straighten up and listen to me because they understood that I was an expert and freely shared my knowledge with them. You could hardly find that kind of trait in other successful people.

My Efforts’ Impact On The Company

My recruits turned out to be assets in the company. They followed my tips and instructions, and their works were almost as flawless as mine. We managed to hold on to most of them for at least a year. It was typically because of a personal reason and not because they got sacked if anyone ever left.

When I saw my boss again, he commended me for a job well done. I said, “Perhaps we should thank your counselor instead. If she didn’t point out that we need a subject-matter expert as a supervisor/trainer, we might not have thought of this.”

Frequently Asked Questions About High Functioning Anxiety

Some of the most influential people used to say that “When you work hard, you earn a lot. But if you work too much, you get anxious.” That is because there are too many things on the table that perhaps you can’t handle but keep on doing it anyway. There is no room for rest, and pause is not part of the equation as well.

For business-minded people, this is true, especially when individuals are motivated and goal-oriented. These people tend to work best when stressed and give out their full potential when time-pressured. This particular positive outcome usually relies on anxiety, but not just an ordinary one. These people use their mental illness to gain productive outcomes through high-functioning anxiety.


Yes, apparently, anxiety can sometimes cause greater benefits. High-functioning anxiety, in particular, is somewhat a representation of success. To prove a point, here are some frequently asked questions that might help you understand how a certain mental health problem is working for the best.

What are the signs of high functioning anxiety? 

Some indications of high functioning anxiety include people-pleasing so that an individual establishes an environment that would make him feel secure and less worried. Usually, the person sustains hard work for long durations, suffers from burnout, and finally procrastinates. He is an over-thinker and often feels that he is not doing things sufficiently.

But regardless of that, the person is focused on his goals in life. He is an over-achiever that loves to organize things. He also appears less stressed on the outside, keeping away the negativity not to affect others.

Is there such a thing as high functioning anxiety? 

High-functioning anxiety is actually not established as a mental health disorder. Instead, it has developed as a ‘catch-all’ word that indicates individuals living with anxiety but are identified as high functioning practically well in all other parts of their life.

Individuals with high-functioning anxiety are often too good to be true. That is because they can stay calm despite being pressured. They have an ongoing personality, and they can socialize well with other people despite feeling a little bit anxious. They are active, helpful, and detailed-oriented.

What does it mean to be high functioning? 

A high functioning mental disorder is a phrase that has been used to define people who live with a mental disorder but are almost untraceable. This phase involves a large spectrum. Under this category, people may be capable of studying, are employed, dress well, or perhaps have a lovely and happy family.

Is there medication for high functioning anxiety? 

High-functioning anxiety can be managed by drugs that modify serotonin or norepinephrine levels in the brain. The latest antidepressants, such as Celexa, Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, and Lexapro, could take weeks to relieve symptoms, plus they have fewer side effects than anti-anxiety medications.

But be mindful. Though these medications are highly recommended, it would be best to consult a healthcare professional for the right dosage amount. Never take medications without prescription to avoid further health complications.


What helps high anxiety? 

Like ordinary anxiety, we will benefit from finding ways to decrease stress and worry through lifestyle changes. These include avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, eating healthily, and taking time to relax by yourself and with loved ones.

It is significantly crucial that you know what your health goals are. That way, you can focus more on doing what you have to and enjoy taking care of your mental and emotional health.

What is the most recommended mood stabilizer for anxiety? 

Lamictal, trade name lamotrigine, is perhaps the most potent mood stabilizer used to manage depression in bipolar disorder, though it is not as effective for mania. The initial dosage of lamotrigine must be very little and then augmented very gradually over a month or more.

In case you are confused about its specification, consult a medical expert for advice. Avoid relying on information from the internet as some of it is inaccurate and sometimes untrue.

What is a drug that calms you down? 

Benzodiazepines, also called sedatives, hypnotics, or minor tranquilizers, are the most commonly recommended psychoactive medications worldwide.

But before taking any of it, seek a piece of professional advice. Ask your doctors for recommendations and proper dosage. Never take the drug without a prescription. And if in case you experienced side effects, talk to your healthcare provider right away.

Can anxiety look like bipolar? 

Experts state that panic attacks, worry, nervousness, and panic attacks usually present and may co-occur with bipolar disorder.

How does a mood stabilizer make you feel? 

Mood stabilizers are used for treating bipolar disorder, where an individual’s mood shifts from depressive to high manic, or vice versa. These drugs can aid in reducing mood swings and counteract depressive and manic episodes.

What is the safest mood stabilizer? 

The most effective and safest mood stabilizer combinations are a blend of lithium and anticonvulsants, specifically valproate plus lithium.

Does lithium make you happy? 

It is still unclear how lithium works in stabilizing someone’s mood, but it is known to act on the brain, including the whole central nervous system. It helps you manage your emotions and help you deal with yourself and your life’s challenges better.


How do I know if I’m bipolar? 

Bipolar disorder is a psychological condition marked by severe mood shifts from high to low, then from low to high. Highs are usually moments of mania, while the lows are moments of depression. The mood shifts might even be varied so that you may be ecstatic and sad at the same time.

But to get a proper diagnosis, schedule, and meet up with a licensed psychiatrist. That way, they can explain further the reason for your mental health symptoms. A diagnosis is very important because that will determine the type of treatment therapy and medication that would be administered to you for your mental health recovery.

What are the four types of bipolar? 

The American Psychiatric Association states that there are four primary classifications of bipolar disorder. These are cyclothymic disorder, bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, and bipolar disorder secondary to medical or substance abuse.

What triggers bipolar? 

Bipolar disorder may be triggered by sleep disturbance, physical condition, crushing problems in their daily life, like problems involving work, school, or relationships.


Frequently Asked Questions About An Effective Video Therapy Treatment

Any business owner goes through a lot of stressors. Building a business requires a lot of work and time. It starts from making a viable business plan to formulating a marketing strategy and does not end with the plans’ actual execution. The list of tasks that comes with running a business goes on. 

Considering the stressful situation of owning a business, business owners can use a minute or two to destress. Ironically, they have the least time to spare, even to take a breather. Much more that they can’t spare time to pay attention to their mental health and consult with a professional.

As the scope and understanding of psychological disorders and mental health progress through time, so are the methodologies used in treating them. In our modern age, technology has become a trusted tool in healthcare for yielding accurate results. One great example of this technology trend is the rise of video therapy.

How effective is Video Therapy?


Video Therapy

Video Therapy is a form of online therapy where clients get help from legitimate healthcare providers in aiding their conditions. Therapists in Video Therapy will be using reel-time video conferencing to deliver mental health care services. The professionals will also be using an accredited platform to ensure their client’s right to privacy.

Video Therapy is currently at an all-time high. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that therapies done in videos as telehealth medium increased by 50% in the first quarter of the year. 

Due to the current pandemic, many people prefer to stay at home to avoid the threat of Covid-19. That’s why most health establishments and clinics continuously promote therapy through teleconferencing. 

Aside from that, video therapy also offers patients an option to choose who they want as a therapist. Moreover, patients can choose a specific time to do their treatment. Video Therapy eliminates the fear of going face to face with a therapist due to social stigma. Video therapy’s flexibility has enabled better access for those who have a lot on their plates.

Today, many online platforms can provide online or video therapy to those who need urgent health assistance. The services mainly differ from the length of treatment, media used, and their corresponding fees.

If you want to understand video therapy, its scope, better uses, and concerns, you may want to check out the FAQs below.

Video Therapy FAQs

What is Video Therapy?

Video Therapy is an approach that makes use of online video conferencing. It provides psychological aid as an alternative to in-person treatment. It is a much-needed form of therapy due to the current state. Studies have shown promising results using this method.

Is online therapy legitimate?

Yes, online therapy is legitimate. Numerous reputable sites offer these necessary psychological treatments. Several user reviews can prove the reliability of online therapy.

What are the five stages of therapy?

The five stages of therapy or counseling are:

  1. Relationship building,
  2. Problem assessment,
  3. Goal setting,
  4. Intervention, and
  5. Evaluation

These are five crucial steps that every therapist, online or in-person, lives by. It aids in arriving at a positive result for the patient. The outcome varies from

  1. Termination of the therapy program,
  2. Regularly scheduled follow-up sessions, or
  3. Referral to other experts.
Video Therapy assist intervention

Can I talk to a therapist online for free?

Yes, therapists and online therapy sites are offering their services for free. Some sites provide free therapy sessions with an option to upgrade to a premium membership. Often, premium membership includes a broader array of programs and sessions. Some offer trial therapy sessions to test the viability of online therapy.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy is expensive because licensed therapists go through rigorous training that takes several years. In therapy, there is barely any room for error. Patients put their entire faith and trust in the therapist. Thus, the standards and metrics for a licensed therapist are incredibly high.

Which is better, Talkspace or BetterHelp?

Both Talkspace and BetterHelp are equally effective sites to secure your therapy needs. Both platforms offer quality psychological treatment. They employ only the best mental health experts at flexible prices. These platforms provide diverse plans to meet your unique requirements.

What is the cheapest online therapy?

The cheapest online therapy would be free therapy sites such as 7 Cups. But if we are talking about the most affordable and flexible, BetterHelp would be the right choice. BetterHelp is an online platform that provides patients with direct online access to mental health services. There are numerous packages based on weekly rates but billed monthly.

Can you cancel BetterHelp at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your BetterHelp subscription at any time for any reason provided. You can end your subscription if you think that BetterHelp is providing inadequate service. It would only take a few clicks or e-mails to cancel your membership.

How long are BetterHelp sessions?

BetterHelp sessions last no longer than one hour and no shorter than thirty minutes. It depends on the session type agreed upon. Live sessions are also paired with messaging to supplement treatment further.

Can I get my money back from BetterHelp?

Yes, this is possible. You can request a refund by contacting an agent through the numbers at BetterHelp’s website. You can discuss options regarding getting the payment back.

Is it easy to cancel BetterHelp?

Yes, it is easy to cancel your BetterHelp membership. You can find an option to cancel your BetterHelp membership in your payment settings in the account settings option. In lieu, you can also seek assistance from their customer care agents over the phone or thru e-mail.

What is the best online therapy?

The best online therapy is whichever you feel best suits your needs. The answer to this question is purely subjective as the experiences and results are on a case-to-case basis. Try out reputable websites that offer mental health services, such as BetterHelp, to know how it works for you.

Video Therapy


Video therapy is the better option that we have right now because of the pandemic’s constraints. It offers us more secure connections from a standpoint that respects our time and preferred way of treatment. It also promotes therapy as a private medication strategy in aiding some debilitating mental health conditions.

Video Therapy helps

Therapy is a continuous process that involves time management and, of course, adherence to what specialists like a doctor or therapist prescribe. It might take some time but trust the process. 

Despite their unique benefits, video therapy has some limitations. It could be inaccessible for those who do not know how to work on new technologies. It may also not work for those who do not have a personal computer at home or those with no stable internet connection. 

Aside from that, do not assume that video therapy alone can help you manage your disorder effectively. Like other conditions, it sometimes takes more than one treatment to heal. So refrain from thinking that this new therapy mode can help you effortlessly only because it is a huge trend.

Our therapist plays a big factor in the success of video therapy as a treatment. So choose a credible medical professional who can be effective in your self-paced treatment.

Video Therapy Conclusion

Likewise, the choice of the institution or healthcare provider is also important to consider. Do not make rash and careless decisions based on feelings or personal-held biases. Ensure that the clinic that will offer you substantial help would not take back your privacy and patient rights in return.

3 Things Hardworking Entrepreneurs Can Do To Boost Your Mental Health


I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I was young, all the kids in our neighborhood would open a lemonade stand in front of their houses, including me. But only my stand would be able to stay open until the end of summer because the other sellers loved my juice more than theirs. Instead of working part-time at the yogurt shop or skating rink in middle and high school, I was at home, creating fancy bracelets and earrings that I could sell to my schoolmates. 

I did not pursue Business Management in college because I believed that I had innate entrepreneurial skills. Instead, I studied marketing and advertising – the two aspects that I would need to kick my business idea off the ground. I was still feeling optimistic about it; in truth, by the time I hit my last semester, I could barely wait to get my diploma and start the coffee shop that I had in mind.

Being An Entrepreneur 

So, the day after my graduation, I went around the city on my bike to scout for the best area to erect my business. After a few hours of strolling, I found ideal locations, yes. But the problem was that there were already coffee shops in those areas. I was not the type to pull customers away from other local businesses, so I had to go to the next city, assuming it was the biggest hurdle in my venture.


Before the construction of my coffee shop begun, I already promised myself that I would be hands-on in everything. I would design the interior, pick the beans to brew, buy the machines, create the logos and ads, and interview my future employees. It was a great plan until I realized that all these tasks were too much for one person. 

Despite that, I remained stubborn and did not ask for help from anyone. The closer I got to launching my coffee shop, the less sleep I got since I had to ensure that everything was ready. It came to a point where I forced myself to stay awake by rubbing peppermint oil under my nose and eyes. It hurt a little, but it did the job.

After the launch, though, I was already mentally drained.


Boosting An Entrepreneur’s Mental Health 

I honestly thought of selling my coffee shop as soon as it opened because of my mental and physical exhaustion. While I was proud of what I did, I did not think it was sustainable health-wise. I could not keep working day and night without expecting that my body would not give up on me after a while. Thus, I decided to do three things to boost my mental health.

Take A Day Off (Or At Least Half Of It)

When I felt drained, I made a rash decision to leave the coffee shop at noon. Luckily, it was a slow weekday, so my two waitresses and cashier could hold the fort during my absence.

Where did I go? I went straight to a spa center to get an aromatherapy massage. I needed a masseuse to work out all the kinks and knots formed all over my body after weeks of having almost no rest.


Once the heavenly massage was over, I went to my favorite buffet restaurant and wolfed down three food plates. I did not care about the weird looks that others gave me, probably wondering how a small woman could eat that much. Then, I slept for 11 hours that night.

Hire A Manager

Feeling refreshed, I went to work the next morning. I decided to put up a newspaper ad for a manager who could handle the coffee shop’s daily activities. This way, I could stay in my office to check the accounting books, talk to suppliers, and think of my next business venture.

Hiring a manager was the best idea I had by far as it took a significant amount of weight off my shoulders. I no longer had to go to work early or go home late at night. I could trust the new manager to keep the other staff in line, too. 


Maintain A Schedule

Another issue I had at the beginning was that everything seemed to happen at once. I had to call my bean suppliers, buy the cups and saucers, talk to the contractor, and simultaneously keep the place in order. As mentioned above, I could not even afford to sleep.

When I hired a manager, though, I found the time to create a schedule. For instance, I would catch up with the suppliers once a week, check my to-go cups and buy new ones if need be every Sunday, and see all the receipts accumulated the previous day the next morning. It was an incredible schedule that allowed me to get a few hours off for myself.

Final Thoughts

I realized that any kind of business required hard work and dedication. I was too quick to assume that opening a coffee shop was easy-peasy, but I got schooled immediately. I would not have survived the first couple of months if I did not think of doing the three things mentioned above to boost my mental health.

Key Steps To Having A Successful Family Business


Life is said to have its ups and downs, but my life has been full of ups lately. My husband earned a promotion, and his salary tripled, for one. It allowed us to open the pastry shop that I always wanted to have but never had the money for until now. We also found the perfect location for it in the city, and many potential customers were already flocking down the site even when it’s still under construction.

The thing is, my husband and I wanted to turn it into a family business. Instead of hiring strangers, we would hire brothers, sisters, cousins, and other relatives to take on various tasks in the pastry shop. But before we did that, a close friend informed us about the critical steps to having a successful family business.

Know Your Roles

From the get-go, you should figure out your roles in the business. For instance, Dad can be the CEO; Mom can be the COO; big brother can be the operations manager. In a small-scale setting, decide who will operate the register, greet the guests, assist the customers, and arrange the stocks in the back, among others.


It is a vital step that gets skipped by families, considering they don’t want to impose labels on relatives. However, you are no charity worker — you have a real business that you have to invest real money on. Without specific roles, some may feel like they can do whatever they want.

Separate Business And Personal Life

The second step is to set a clear line between your business and personal life. Simply put, any dispute that takes place at home should be left at home. When you see each other at work, you need to stay professional and set aside your problems.

Many businesses have gone down because of the family members who work in the company have had a full-on fight in front of their customers. Doing so reduces the business’s value and appeal, considering people will worry about another brawl will ensue anytime.


Make Contracts

Contracts are a must in every company. These are legal documents that state a person’s position in the business, working hours, salary, and various stipulations. In truth, even contractual workers need to sign one since it can protect both the employer and employee from disputes later.

If you want to hire family members for your business, you should make a contract for everyone, too. Many don’t realize its necessity in the beginning since you’re all still chummy. Unfortunately, when feelings get hurt along the way, it shows the need for a contract, especially if the relative you end up letting go takes drastic measures to bring you down.

Communicate Effectively

Being closely related to one another does not mean that you can trust everyone to be honest with you. Try not to get offended by this statement—you know it’s true. Some may be hiding issues that they have caused; others may change up the books, which is an absolute no-no.


To avoid such things, you should schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the family in the office. Ask every member of the team to present some documents to you that show the business’s progress. On your part, make sure that you can determine any discrepancies on the paper. If you find any, deal with the relative like you would with other employees.

Be Smart 

At the base of it all, you need to be smart about who you will allow to join your business. Let’s be honest; not every family member has your best interests at heart. Some of them may be jealous of your success and will do anything to see you fall on your butt. If you don’t weed them out early, they may sink their claws into your back without you realizing it.

Now, you should know that saying no to some relatives may cause some conflicts in the family. Say, your aunt, who wanted you to give her heroin addict of a son a job, might stop talking to you or your parents. A cousin with a long record of kleptomania might call you out of social media because you didn’t want her to be a part of your business.


You may reconcile with them outside of work, but be firm about your decision. If your relatives still don’t want to do anything with you, so be it. It’s their loss, after all.

Final Thoughts

The pastry shop is gaining more customers every day; thank you very much. We have been in business for a few months only, but people from the other side of the town would drive in our area to buy our goods. It was all I could wish for and more.

As for my staff, which consists of relatives, we have not had major problems because we followed the steps mentioned above. Consider doing the same before your business starts.

Good luck!


A Guide To Reopening Your Hotel Post-COVID-19



Indeed, all of us hope for the circumstances to improve the soonest possible time, but here’s a quick reality check – the coronavirus will stick around for the coming months – that is a fact.

If you are one of the owners of a big or small hotel, you might as well be ready for a transformed world post-COVID-19. In the aftermath, you’ll need to put in more effort when you reopen your hotel. When the medical professionals and the government soon give their signal, you’ll be back in business.

As the situation improves, the market will also recover, assuring businesses that it will get better, perhaps in the last quarter of the year and hopefully the whole of next year. Presently, there are still businesses that remain open despite the losses while some are finding ways to use their time wisely during the lockdowns. Hotel managers and owners can now think of several plans of action to get ready for recovery.

Prepare Appropriate Procedures.

In the midst of all of this, the most vital part is to follow government policies about reopening businesses in your state. Each business classification has its own procedures. Once you have all the details, prepare for a prevention plan, and convey this plan to the hotel staff and the guests.

Distancing guidelines. Since the virus will stick around for a while, you must implement social distancing measures to help protect the people in your hotel safe and secure. The guideline is to keep a distance of three meters from another person, which is one of the most critical steps in preventing a pandemic. Obviously, you will need to display these guidelines on the vital areas of your hotel, such as the guest rooms, restaurant, and reception area, among others.


Staff And Customer Safety

In these uncertain times, hoteliers must be concerned with the health and safety of their staff and their guests. In the aftermath of the pandemic, things will be crucial. You must protect everyone in your hotel safe by putting in place all the recommended measures that need to be implemented. It is vital to have available masks, sanitizers, gloves, and cleaning equipment that the staff needs to keep the hotel disinfected regularly. It would also be better if you can have temperature checks on your guests.

Assess Your Financial Status

The current global health crisis is causing chaos all over the world. It has already done so much damage. As a consequence, all plans are out of the window, and you, along with all other entrepreneurs that have gone out of business for a while, will need to start fresh. When creating new strategies and plans of action, consider the changes that the pandemic has caused, including the behavior of the consumers. If things don’t go well, then you’ll have an exit strategy for hotel business and management.

Apply Practical Revenue Management

It is important to ensure the health and safety of the people around you, but it is also more important to make wise decisions on how to continue the business successfully.

Don’t Cut On The Rates Too Much

Moving on, you will need to check your rates and most likely decrease them regularly. You know that you need to be versatile and balanced. The price swings are due to the competitors who have gone too low on their room rates because they panicked, and you must anticipate that. It is true that now is the appropriate time for promos and discounts, but it’s never a time to go too low either. Don’t destroy your brand. Remember that demand is not associated with prices. People travel when they want to, and their hotel choices are dependent on many factors, not mainly on room rates. Instead of cutting down the rates, offer meal options and other extras that would obscure the rates.


The decision to base your decisions on the past is always there, think about the opportunity to adapt to the new normal and succeed despite the challenges that it brings. There is truly great power in technology, determination, and the will to survive.




Can My Business Stay Ahead Despite The Hard Times?



Sadly, the growing pandemic has hit small businesses the most. And what’s more frustrating is that most experts agree that this is only the start of yet a second wave of more devastating times. But whether or not this global crisis culminates this month or the next, small business owners must prepare themselves and make significant transformations to business strategy to be able to stay ahead despite the hard times.

Here are some pieces of advice that you might want to contemplate and implement.

Make valuable use of your time. One of the most challenging things to consider as a small business owner is knowing the right time to pursue a business. The COVID-19 crisis is an excellent opportunity for self-analysis. Reevaluate your business, the time you’re spending on it, and how much you’re earning or could be making. And then ask yourself if it’s really worth your time and money. For a while, it may not be sensible to continue exerting much of your effort and resources into your small company, but if you initially decrease your burn rate to near zero, perhaps later, it will. Then you can revisit it when the right time comes.

Find ways to adapt to recent trends. Trends that are currently popular these days are not easy to comprehend, but they might work to your benefit. Spend time to thoroughly study the status of the markets all over the world, and from there, you can revamp the position of your business. You can make your products and services available online, as this is the most utilized form of delivery while people are quarantined. Your business could change tremendously from something that is centered exclusively through person-to-person interactions to one that focused on two platforms – personal and online.


Study what the competitors are doing. Your business may be down now, but in truth, some are suffering more than yours is, and some are doing well. The latter are ones that you must learn from. Are they doing strategies that are different from theirs? Maybe you are implementing them wrongly, or in the wrong direction. Some business techniques do not apply to all niches, but you can make use of what you can in terms of concepts and principles. There are plenty of opportunities to make certain adjustments in the macro strategy and status of your business to even out or to stay ahead of your competitors.

Consider what the consumers are thinking. While the pandemic is continually affecting our lives in the short term, we must think about what will happen in the long term as well. Will the consumers change their way of thinking or acting when the pandemic ends? Or by then will they get used to using online services for acquiring products and services? Contemplate on your former conventional business models and if it’s wise to continue using them when the outbreak subsides. Take into consideration plane companies, cruise lines, and movie theaters. These businesses will have to think profoundly about taking their strategies into a whole new level, as surely there won’t be a ‘full seating’ for the months or even years to come. Similarly, you should ask yourself whether or not your business models need a partial or complete transformation.


Be open and keep the positivity. Indeed, these are hard and SCARY times. But if you stay positive and open, you will keep in mind that things will be better and soon will return to normal, no matter how the word ‘normal’ is going to be. By then, you will capably adapt to the changes in the world – you and your business. Entrepreneurship is just like life itself. It is filled with challenges and uncertainties. Face it as you face any roadblock in your life – strongly and confidently. The mere fact that you have read this article until the end only means that you are willing to try new things and give up on what is not needed to stay ahead of the business.




What Contributes To A Successful Business?

The Entrepreneurs conference 2019 presents a lot of information when it comes to a business venture. Yes, some of the guidelines in the meeting are very promising. However, not all of it applies to all entrepreneurial endeavors. Small to large businesses require different strategies. Therefore, the process of developing its core also varies. But given the same goal of all companies, which is to grow, some factors contribute to its success. However, one must understand that these elements do not work individually, but rather as a whole.


Creating something out of scratch is a challenge for all entrepreneurs. There is toxicity everywhere, and sometimes, having too many options is quite overwhelming. There are instances that the choices on the table don’t come in hand, and sometimes even small decisions become a burden. However, structuring an idea can change the game and can be a token for business survival.

  • Business Idea – In organizing something, one should understand that an idea doesn’t have to be perfect. Instead, it should only start focusing on one thing – business survival. Because in the competitive world, nothing lasts when there are dozens of available options. Therefore, the market decides whether a business is worth it or not. But of course, an entrepreneur must pay attention to the trend before deciding to come up with a service or product.



Venturing out in a business is a risk. No one knows whether it will succeed or fail. That is why analyzation takes place. If the goal of the business is to create money, then expect it to fall sooner or later. But if the goal is to provide products and services that will stick to the market, then it may have the potential to build an empire in no time.

  • Analyze The Competition – Considering the products and services are already established, an entrepreneur shouldn’t let his guard down. Changes in customers’ needs are inevitable. And if there is no guarantee of growth in the business, expect it to lose clients little by little. A business should never rely on a steady approach because the market competition changes when consumers want and need something better.



All successful businesses do not function without accounting. The secret of their growth and development lies in the company’s ability to keep detailed records of everything. It allows businesses to seek financial stability to whatever potential damage there may be. It is what gives them time to strategize and move towards a new perspective.

  • Recording Of Sales – To understand the viability of business products and services, one must recognize sales. Sales are proof that an entrepreneurial endeavor is moving towards a significant measure. If it injects revenues, then one can expect growth. Yes, businesses are not all about money. However, if it generates more than enough, then everything is in good hands.



A business does not always prosper without experiencing a downside. But what is its downside? Understanding the risk and reward is essential in keeping up with the market. An entrepreneur must look into the worst-case scenario and calculate things. The source of a business core must come from the calculated risk instead of counted beneficial rewards.

  • Hard Work – One of the most significant downsides of entrepreneurial ventures is the false sense of owning a business. The whole media interpretation of business is different from the field. It is not all about luxury and extravagant lifestyle. Businesses are soul-sucking that it requires hard work and lots of sacrifices. It feeds to an entrepreneur’s ability, persistence, effort, and heartaches.



Most businesses grow not because they are confident in winning the market. Things don’t work like that. Because if it does, start-up businesses could come on top immediately without a hassle. But all businesses become successful when there is creativity. An entrepreneur should recognize not knowing everything to be able to open a new business approach and ideas. That is the only way it can improve itself to stand in the competitive market.

  • Using The Right Talent – Long-term success of a business relies more on creativity. Since there is an establishment of function, and entrepreneur must note down talents. A creative team is a business’s backbone. That is why the right individuals that contribute their creative talents for the business improve its chances of success.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Failed Businesses Derail Your Hopes

A fortunate businessman is someone whose every venture turns out to be a success. If they start with a clothing brand, their stocks do not last longer than a month before needing to restock. In case they open a restaurant, people are lining up every day to be able to get a table.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, is an unfortunate businessman who has not seen success in years. Every time they try to get investors, they either get scammed or turned down. In case real sponsors come and the business gets launched, the consumers do not eat up their products as much as they expect. Thus, if things continue to not go well for a year, they have no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

The truth is, dealing with a failed business once may not hurt much. Seeing almost every venture crumble, meanwhile, is enough to derail your hopes of making it big in the business sector. Still, you should not give up if you:


Believe In Your Ideas

“People with a healthy self-esteem tend to view failure as an event. People with low self-esteem often view failure as fatal. This thought process pummels one’s self-esteem and overtime being a failure becomes their identity.” -counselor Monte Drenner

Giving up is not an option when you know deep down that your ideas will work. Perhaps it has not happened yet because you are collaborating with the wrong people, or you have poor marketing strategies. But if you improve in those areas, there’s a high chance that you will be successful in your next attempt.

If you can’t find a way out of constant discouraging thoughts, you can seek help from online counseling platforms like BetterHelp. In this case, it is best to have support from licensed counselors who can give you expert guidance. For reference on the benefits you can get from online counseling, you can visit this review.


Have People Supporting You

You cannot let go of your goals if some people are giving you moral support. We are not talking about your friends, relatives, or significant other, okay? They can be the individuals who have bought your products in the past and believe in them. Their number may not be enough to help you even if you start a GoFundMe or Patreon account, but knowing that they exist should be enough motivation to go against the odds. “By building a list of people that you trust, with whom you can talk to in times of need, you allow yourself a strong sense of not being alone.” David Klow, a licensed therapist said.


Dream To Be The Boss Of Your Own

Considering you have already left your job and do not want to go back or find a new one, you genuinely cannot allow failure to get to you. Accepting that you are not meant to be in business entails turning your back into becoming a boss of your own. You may say that you will try again next time, but you may lose your passion if you take a break and see the benefits of being an employee.

Final Thoughts

No one can say that you are overly dramatic if you want to give up after having a string of failed businesses. It does make you wonder whether you are not cut out to be a businessman or your destiny is to become someone’s employee forever.

Despite that, you should not let go of your dreams when there are individuals who are willing to support you, and you believe in your ideas. Hang in there and stick to what you love. Who knows, maybe you will meet the right people to do business with, and they can help turn your ideas into reality. “The sensation of pressure doesn’t have to be negative—it can be a positive challenge and motivating.” A reminder from Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D.

Good luck!