Can My Business Stay Ahead Despite The Hard Times?



Sadly, the growing pandemic has hit small businesses the most. And what’s more frustrating is that most experts agree that this is only the start of yet a second wave of more devastating times. But whether or not this global crisis culminates this month or the next, small business owners must prepare themselves and make significant transformations to business strategy to be able to stay ahead despite the hard times.

Here are some pieces of advice that you might want to contemplate and implement.

Make valuable use of your time. One of the most challenging things to consider as a small business owner is knowing the right time to pursue a business. The COVID-19 crisis is an excellent opportunity for self-analysis. Reevaluate your business, the time you’re spending on it, and how much you’re earning or could be making. And then ask yourself if it’s really worth your time and money. For a while, it may not be sensible to continue exerting much of your effort and resources into your small company, but if you initially decrease your burn rate to near zero, perhaps later, it will. Then you can revisit it when the right time comes.

Find ways to adapt to recent trends. Trends that are currently popular these days are not easy to comprehend, but they might work to your benefit. Spend time to thoroughly study the status of the markets all over the world, and from there, you can revamp the position of your business. You can make your products and services available online, as this is the most utilized form of delivery while people are quarantined. Your business could change tremendously from something that is centered exclusively through person-to-person interactions to one that focused on two platforms – personal and online.


Study what the competitors are doing. Your business may be down now, but in truth, some are suffering more than yours is, and some are doing well. The latter are ones that you must learn from. Are they doing strategies that are different from theirs? Maybe you are implementing them wrongly, or in the wrong direction. Some business techniques do not apply to all niches, but you can make use of what you can in terms of concepts and principles. There are plenty of opportunities to make certain adjustments in the macro strategy and status of your business to even out or to stay ahead of your competitors.

Consider what the consumers are thinking. While the pandemic is continually affecting our lives in the short term, we must think about what will happen in the long term as well. Will the consumers change their way of thinking or acting when the pandemic ends? Or by then will they get used to using online services for acquiring products and services? Contemplate on your former conventional business models and if it’s wise to continue using them when the outbreak subsides. Take into consideration plane companies, cruise lines, and movie theaters. These businesses will have to think profoundly about taking their strategies into a whole new level, as surely there won’t be a ‘full seating’ for the months or even years to come. Similarly, you should ask yourself whether or not your business models need a partial or complete transformation.


Be open and keep the positivity. Indeed, these are hard and SCARY times. But if you stay positive and open, you will keep in mind that things will be better and soon will return to normal, no matter how the word ‘normal’ is going to be. By then, you will capably adapt to the changes in the world – you and your business. Entrepreneurship is just like life itself. It is filled with challenges and uncertainties. Face it as you face any roadblock in your life – strongly and confidently. The mere fact that you have read this article until the end only means that you are willing to try new things and give up on what is not needed to stay ahead of the business.




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