How To Be Helpful Without Being “Extra”


You can say that you have made it in life when the money in your bank account is enough to feed an entire community. It is something that you cannot claim if your house is still on a mortgage or you need to get a loan to buy a car. If the latter is the case, it may be better for you to keep on working hard to pay off your debts.

What’s terrific about genuinely successful individuals is that they do not shy away from helping others in need. Some companies offer to fund startups, for instance. If a group of scientists opens a GoFundMe or Patreon account, they do not hesitate to send a substantial amount to see them move forward. Others even launch a charitable institution or visit orphanages annually to offer help in any way possible.

The only issue that I have with some wealthy Samaritans is that everything they do seems to become a news article the next day. Broadcasting outlets may even go to the venue to cover the event and talk about the positive sides of the rich person. That can make viewers wonder, “If their only intention is to help the not-so-fortunate people, why do they need to broadcast it to the entire world?” “If they want to meet the orphans and know their situation for real, does it have to be a headline in the newspaper?”

Without being hateful, I can say that doing all of that is a little “extra.” Though you may have followers and supporters, many are not fond of individuals who feel the need to broadcast their excellent deeds. It can seem as if you are purposely generous for the press.

If you want to be helpful without being “extra,” here’s what you can do.


Donate Anonymously

The first thing is to make anonymous donations to the charitable institutions, schools, or hospitals that you support. You do not have to prepare a vast gathering so that people can take pictures as you hand over a cheque to the head of the organization. If they thank you publicly, that will be their choice.

Avoid Leaking The Event To Media Outlets Before It Happens

Whether you have a PR team or not, try to prevent them from talking about your charitable event to media outlets before it happens. The reason is that it will appear like an invitation to the press to cover your story. There is no need for that if your sole intention is to help others.


Dress Casually

You have probably seen photos and videos of wealthy people wearing format outfit while volunteering in a homeless shelter or giving out relief goods in disaster-stricken areas. Well, don’t be that kind of person. Not only will it seem like you are showing who’s boss, but it can make the less fortunate individuals feel smaller than ever. If you want to be there, it is ideal for you to dress casually and mingle with everyone.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, being “extra” is a necessity sometimes. That is especially true if you are running for office and want the voters to be aware of your charitable works. However, you can allow the good word to spread naturally through the people you have helped so that no one will doubt your real intentions. This can be a challenging change that online counseling apps like BetterHelp can play an important role in.

When it comes to shifting your approach, a trained professional can guide you in making the right steps. Moreover, you can also benefit from online counseling supports in all facets of life and work.

With that, I hope you remember the tips above. Cheers!

Importance Of Staying Humble Despite Your Success


Having a successful business is something that you should be proud of. Not everyone has the right skills to realize their entrepreneurial goals. At the same time, not a lot of people have enough resources to push through with their ideas. You have ideally had both so that you can consider yourself as one of the lucky few.

The thing is, no matter how much success you have experienced in your life, you should stay humble all the time. You cannot go around the town to strut your stuff and show off your money. You cannot walk in a busy restaurant, order people around, and then ask the manager to fire anyone who does not prioritize you. Here’s why.

Everything You Have Can Be Taken Away Instantly

The primary reason why you cannot be arrogant is that the world is like a car tire. You are on top now, enjoying the benefits of being a successful businessperson. You can remain in that position as long as you treat the people beneath you well.

However, if you become mean to them, your subordinates will work together to make that car tire roll. That way, you will no longer be on top, and the downfall can erase the smug look on your face. If you’re having a hard time changing this attitude, you can get help from online counseling apps like BetterHelp. When it becomes impossible to shift your mindset and perspective, that’s where professional help comes in.


You Want To Gain Good Karma

Having good karma allows us to succeed. You can gain it by doing great things to the individuals around you. Even if you do not share all of your hard-earned money to them, it pays off to be kind and down to earth.

Meanwhile, you can rack up lousy karma if you turn your nose up every time you meet someone who earns less than you do. It can also happen if you rank others’ importance based on what favors they can give to you. It is as if a person is comparable to trash when they can do nothing to you. Call me superstitious, but I believe that’s how you will start losing your fortune.

It Feels Nice To Get Everyone’s Support

As mentioned above, you are on top of the food chain because some individuals have helped you to get there. There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman since everyone needs someone to propel them towards their goals. You cannot move forward if there is not at least a single person behind your back.


Now, remember that the more people give you their support, the more your success will last. After all, they care about your welfare. While you may experience some problems along the way, they will not allow you to crash to the ground entirely. They may even do everything to help you get back on your feet.

Final Thoughts

This is the reality that business people need to face. Your success relies on how many people support you, not on how intelligent you may be. No matter how amazing your business skills are, it will not amount to anything if you have an awful attitude.

Think about your actions and stay humble all the time, even if you become the wealthiest person in the world. For more tips on how you can keep this mindset for good, watching helpful YouTube videos can be a great start.


When To Give Up Your Business Idea

In the business world, there is no guarantee that every idea you put in motion will be successful once you launch it. There are a million factors involved in the process, and you will work with people who are all capable of making errors.

For instance, a female YouTube personality named Jaclyn Hill once collaborated with Morphe, a company that produces high-quality cosmetic products. They created an eyeshadow palette, and it turned out to be a huge hit. They had to restock several times; even various personalities swear by their formula.

Such an impressive success has probably given Jaclyn Hill the courage to start her own cosmetics company not too long ago. Of course, everyone felt excited about what her products were going to be, how affordable they might be, etc. The expectation also rose when the YouTuber talked about how it took them years to launch the makeup line because they wanted to perfect it.

But when people started getting their PR packages, the release ended up wreaking havoc. Many people claimed that they found hairs and molds in their lipstick. Others said their lips got cut by shards of what seems to be glass or plastic, which were also in the lipstick. Jaclyn Hill came out with different responses, but it turned out that the workers mishandled the production process, and now no one practically wants to do anything with her brand.

A lot of individuals say that people like Jaclyn Hill should give up on their business idea and return to their day job. It may be great advice in the YouTuber’s case, considering she has lost the trust of millions of cosmetic users. It can also be advisable for you if:


You Always Doubt Your Ideas

A person who is trying to fulfill their dreams will never doubt their ideas. There is nothing to second guess about because your gut tells you that you are on the right track. If you keep on going back and forth, though, you should stop trying because it may not be for you.


You Don’t Have Clear Goals

Real people in business always have carefully laid out goals. They know what they need to achieve and how to do it. They listen to others’ opinions, but their ideas matter the most. Considering your thoughts regarding the business are still in shambles, even if everything seems to be ready for the launch, you cannot go forward with it. That can be a recipe for disaster, and you know it.


Your Dream Is Too Far-Fetched To Become A Reality

People encourage us to dream big all the time. However, you should not wish to start a restaurant if you have no intention of learning about the food and beverage industry. You cannot hope that the airline company that you want to open will be successful if your knowledge about the business goes as far as hopping on or off the plane. For sure, you can dream big, but you should always be realistic.

Final Thoughts

Giving up on a business idea that you have had for some time now may not be easy. After all, you will have to deal with the fact that you have wasted months or years doing something that you cannot benefit from. Despite that, doing it now is better than making that decision later when you have already lost everything, including yourself.

Tips In Selecting Employees For Your Firm (From A Psychologist)

One of the things that every business owner needs to take into consideration is the selection of employees. As an expert entrepreneur, it is essential on your part to take the necessary steps to select the best people who will work for your firm. You cannot choose these individuals randomly without using your best judgment and prerogative. Unfortunately, this task of choosing the right individuals to work for your company can be challenging, especially if you are still new to the business. Fortunately, we met a psychologist who was willing to share some tips on how this process can be less burdensome for a businessman like you.




If you want to learn the effective ways on how to select the right employees for your company or firm, be sure to familiarize yourself with these:


Find Someone Who Is Committed


Before you focus on the skills of a potential employee, it is crucial for you to focus first on the commitment that a person can provide in working for your company. Ask fundamental questions that will enable you to see who the person is and whether or not he can commit himself to serve the goals of your firm. Keep in mind that a skilled individual is nothing if he does not have the right amount of commitment and dedication to doing the job right. You must see to it that all your employees love what they do and they can promise to give your business sufficient time and effort. Take note that being committed to your firm’s vision and mission is all that matters.


Organize Your Hiring Process


Another thing that you must never forget is to organize a system for your hiring process before you announce any vacancy to the public. As much as possible, set everything right in such a way that things will be easier not only for your hiring officer but also for the potential workers. One of the things that you must do is prepare the set of questions that will be asked during the interview. After that, set parameters that must be observed by the hiring officer so that he can easily decide who can proceed to the next round of the hiring process. At the same time, it is best if you will be part of the panel who will decide as to who to hire. Remember that you are the proprietor or owner of the business. As such, you have to determine those who are worthy of being part of your team.




Give Probationary Period


Trial and error are always and will always be a good idea when it comes to employment. Keep in mind that each person has specific peculiarities and qualities. You can never be sure of how great a person works unless you will expose him to the day-to-day challenges of the job. For this reason, it is best to inform all new hires that you will provide them with a probationary period, which will serve as a trial phase so that you can make a better evaluation of their performance. Let them know about your great expectations so that they can also exert the right amount of efforts to enable them to qualify as regular employees. Make sure to put everything in writing to avoid any legal questions or problems in the future.


Test The Skills


Every position in a particular company requires a different set of skills. As such, it is imperative on your part to know the skills that you are looking for in a potential worker who will take a position in the company. Once you know these skills, it will be easier on your part to test the interested applicant on whether or not he possessed the abilities that you are searching for. Be sure to find a way to test their technical skills reasonably. For example, you can give a quick examination that can be your basis for the assessment of how great they are. At the same time, you must also not forget to see how excellent their interpersonal skills are. Remember that these skills are necessary so that the new employee can get along well with other people in your team or interact well with your clients and customers.




Hiring the right employee must be your number one priority if you want to achieve the goals and objectives of your business. Focus your attention on this aspect of your business operations so that you can meet your company’s plans and goals.




Worried Enough About Conversion Rates To See A Therapist? Look For A Strategic Marketing Company First


Most business owners are willing to go to various lengths to make sure that the people who stumble in their website will visit the next time as regular customers. This is important because every page that gains a lot of traffic daily can mean more profits for the company. Thus, these entrepreneurs may feel like seeing a therapist whenever they check the stats and realize that their conversion rates may either remain low or even take a dip. You may then ask yourself, “Is it time for me to look for a strategic marketing company that can help my pages convert better?”

The answer is plain ‘yes.’ The digital world is too vast and too complicated to walk on by yourself. Besides, those startup individuals who claim that they have achieved success are practically liars since they undoubtedly work with a team, albeit small. The process of turning ideas into reality will require more than just a day’s worth of explanation as well. Although we cannot provide such services through this blog, we can give you an idea of what teaming up with a strategic marketing agency can do for you.


1. Build A Smart Marketing Plan

The marketing scheme that excellent companies provide will consist of ways to respond to consumers’ questions before they even get the chance to voice them out. In the history of online marketing, the number of occasions in which the buyer has not questioned a new seller’s credibility is low. There will always be individuals who will want to know why they need whatever it is you are offering, and that’s one of the things that you should prepare for.

2. Revamp A Website

As a digital user yourself, you know how bothersome it is to enter a slow website. You have a higher chance of clicking that X button on your browser as well when you visit one that almost has no information about what the site is for. The slowness can be because of the overuse of special effects, while the vagueness may be due to the simple fact that its administrators only have dollar signs in their mind when they created it.

The kind of website that will be extra profitable for you is the one that customers can navigate through effortlessly. This is especially beneficial for those people who have merely begun using the internet. The pictures and texts that it will have are all meant to introduce you as a real person behind a beautiful brand, and not as a producer who wants to make money out of them. The former has to be emphasized well because we have proven through our previous clients that customers trust sellers who relay their personal stories more. All of that – and more – can become visible with the help of a strategic marketing agency.


3. Create Seamless Content

Although there are over 20 pages that come up after typing a word or a phrase in a search engine box, the readers typically click the first few links that they see to save time. You obviously cannot call them one by one to ensure that they will go to your website, but you can move up in the search engine ranks after revamping the content that you post in the site. Not to mention, the term ‘content’ does not only pertain to written articles; it can mean the videos, pictures, infographics, etc. that you share on the channel, too.

Nevertheless, these are things that you will no longer have to worry about in case you allow a band of marketing strategists to work on your brand. Most of them come with individuals who are capable of writing web content and blogs and adding relevant keywords to them that can help you become more discoverable for your future consumers.


4. Analyze Traffic

Strategic marketing firms usually have exclusive means as well to analyze which posts have received many views in a month. The advantage of having them on your side is that you will not have to learn how to examine and interpret such data. The learning process can consume a lot of time, especially if you have no background knowledge about it. They will merely present the information to you, and then you may discuss what works and what does not for your website.

In A Nutshell

Website pages that convert greatly are significant if you want to increase your online sales and garner a higher amount of paying subscribers. Use the info that we have provided above to be able to find the most suitable marketing strategists for your business. Good luck!

7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies For B2B Marketing


If ‘word of mouth’ marketing does wonders when an entrepreneur transacts with locals, family members, and friends, it is hard to say the same when trying to strike business-to-business (B2B) deals. The latter tends to require more complex and straightforward efforts than the former, you see. A successful operation can lead to more substantial sales and better partnership – two things which are both beneficial for the company.

Thus, as the top platform for online business advertising, it is worth knowing that there are LinkedIn strategies that are meant for B2B marketing. You may try any or all of the following once you create an account on the channel.

1. Make The Page(s) Conducive To Lead Generation

Various things should be visible in a Company or personal page if you want it to generate leads. Among them are a beautiful photo banner, a profile picture, a description that states why your business is the best, and a series of textual content with valuable external links.


The first two are for aesthetic purposes – a way to attract people to look further into the page. The descriptive words need to be factual and with the right ounce of confidence so that your audience will believe in you. Though these are all texts (unless you post an introductory video), it should not sound as if you consider yourself a god or a goddess in the industry. No one can be that perfect; that’s why it’s better to appear professional yet reachable.

Likewise, the posts need to have URL links at times. It will help, especially when you have a website to promote.

2. Become A Group Member

The important rule to remember when joining various LinkedIn Groups is that you ought to look for the ones with high activity rates. Assuming that you are entirely new to the platform and do not have enough connections to start your own, you can directly participate in relevant Groups and prove your genius.

Which crowds you should mingle with depends mostly on the kind of business you own. In case it is about immigration, then you may enter clusters about individuals who want to migrate, study, or open an establishment in the country where you practice.


3. Build Showcase Pages

A Showcase Page is beneficial for medium to large firms which have already branched out to other businesses or are managing several brands. Think of the Company page as one big umbrella, and the departments or brands you have will hang on every ferrule or rib tip. They are all connected to the enterprise, yet the content being shared in the Showcase Pages do not need to be about each other.

4. Post Many Great Articles

Most LinkedIn users do not get satisfied with images alone. They want to be able to read the story behind it instead of making guesses. Unlike Facebook users, the folks with LinkedIn account possibly only have a few minutes to spend on the channel. Hence, you should publish high-quality articles that can capture their interest.

The length of your content may vary every time you post one. What’s important is that it can inspire, teach, and wow your target market.

5. Utilize The Advanced People Search Feature

Searching for businesses on the platform goes both ways. If you opt for the Advanced People Search, however, you can filter the people that will appear on the searches. The sub-sections you may change are Relationship, Industry, Location, Past Company, Current Company, School, etc. It is acceptable to be extra precise as well and fill in actual names, but it is easier to check out more individuals when you only type the keyword, title, and country on one side.


Try to avoid the rookie mistake of closing the window without saving your specifications first. There may be a period when you will need to look for similar LinkedIn users again, frankly speaking. The Saved Search can ensure that you will not have to re-type or re-check everything once more.

6. Get Friendly

A lot of marketers forget to become cordial to new people they come across with on LinkedIn or any online website. The typical scenario is that you send or accept a connection request, and then do nothing to build a rapport with them. The entrepreneurs on the other end, therefore, may keep their distance and not want to contact you if ever they need the services you over.

This unfortunate situation is easy to remedy when you appear friendly yet professional from the beginning. Mailing simple words like ‘welcome’ and ‘thank you’ can make a world of difference even if you do not stay updated with each other all the time.


7. Try Sponsored E-Mails And Ads

Success can be distant as well if your connections are too little. Because of that, feel free to spruce up Sponsored ads, content, and e-mails.

For approximately 10 dollars per day, you will get to promote your pages or freshest products and campaigns to thousands of potential clients. Every advertisement clicked gives you higher chances of growing your clientele and winning with B2B marketing.

Final Thoughts

Using LinkedIn to grow your business and reach out to other entrepreneurs is not impossible. If we are honest, the process is almost the same as when you appeal to clients. Nevertheless, you have to be extremely diligent to be able to score a sponsorship or partnership.

Good luck!

4 Tips For Collecting Vintage Cars And Making It A Business  


Collecting cars is always fun and exciting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. While it may be something that gives you happiness, it can also be a cause of stress if you fail to do the proper ways on how to start collecting for the said automobiles. Because of this, it is highly imperative on your part to be careful with the process of selecting cars that will become part of your collection. In this article, we are going to provide you with the top 4 tips on how to get the perfect vintage cars. Here is the list:


Be Knowledgeable

At this point, it is imperative on your part to understand the fact that there are several different models of vintage cars. Each model has a specific value, and each may require a different degree of care or diligence. For this reason, you must learn about these various models. All you have to do is to acquire more knowledge about vintage cars. Fortunately, there are several free resources available online or even in libraries. Take advantage of the reliable online resources to get a better understanding of the items that you are collecting.



Avoid Being Compulsive

Just because you like or love something doesn’t mean that you have to get it as soon as possible. Learn to be patient and understanding so that you will not rush the process of selecting the vintage cars to collect. Keep in mind that even one wrong move can lead to a high amount of expenses on your part. As such, you must take all the time you need when it comes to deciding whether to purchase a car or not. If possible, research first before buying anything.

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Is It Time To Start A Business?


There are tons of things to take into consideration when it comes to starting a business of your own. As early as now, you need to understand the reality that entering the business world is not going to be easy. Regardless of how good you are with marketing or finance, it is not a guarantee that you will succeed. Because of this, it is vital  on your part to take your time in making a decision. Avoid rushing the process so that you can save yourself from some potential errors or mistakes.


Consider yourself lucky because, in today’s article, we are going to share the top indications that will tell you that you are ready to take on a new business venture. Here are the things to remember:


You Have The Money


Investment is one of the most vital aspects of a business. The truth is that you cannot expect to experience success in the field if you have no enough capital to make the company grow. Remember that the process of securing licenses or permits alone will already involve cash. As early as now, make a financial prediction of your cash flow for the next twelve months. In so doing, you will determine whether or not you can invest some extra money in your business.




You Know What You Want


Business is a serious matter as it involves your future. With only one wrong move, everything can be taken away from you. For this reason, it is quite crucial for you to understand what investment means. Aside from this, you must know what you want to happen to your business. Do not be half-hearted in doing all the necessary steps in starting your firm. The best thing to do is to find your passion. Do what makes you happy to ensure that the business will grow naturally


You Have An Idea


The primary goal or objective of any business is to earn profit from existing customers and potential clients. As such, it is important or crucial for you to be smart enough to come up with a unique idea for your business. An excellent or great way of making this happen is to get some inspirations from everything surrounding you. Take note of the things that catch your attention so that it will be easier on your part to come up with an idea. Keep in mind that idea must be one that will allow you to generate sales or profits.






Choosing to become a businessperson or an entrepreneur will be challenging, especially if you are making a transition for the first time. Do not worry because you will get unlimited support from the people around you as long as you try to be honest with them. As much as possible, make an effort to reach out to the proper individuals. When you do this in a right manner, then there is a high chance that you will experience great success. Aside from this, you can also read materials available online for your reference. Have fun and enjoy the journey to ultimate success and pure bliss. 



































Tips On How To Generate More Sales Online

As an online store owner, I always wanted to increase my sales, and that goal never ends.  When I reached my target sale this month, I would raise my target for the next, and so on.  I achieve it not only by working hard but by being innovative with the products I sell and the marketing strategies.


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