Women Entrepreneurs Who Find Their Niche, Put Their Ideas To Action And Make It Bigger

Internet buying is a huge business nowadays.  And you are invited to join in.  All you need to have is one great idea, the willpower to act on it, and a bunch of people whom you trust and have the same motivation as you do to get your idea working.

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Sarah Davis Of Fashionphile

In Sarah’s interview with Jerusha couture, she mentioned that when she was in law school, she would spend so much money on law books which she would just use for a semester.   From that, she got the idea of not why put up a company where people can buy & sell law books.

It started with buy and sell of law books and branched out to fashion accessories and luxury handbags.  From selling on eBay to developing their own buy and sell platform, they are now one of the biggest players in online marketing.

One secret to her success and the success of Fashionphile is putting ideas into action.  She got smart people on her team whom she trusts and shares her ideas with.  If the plans are feasible, she finds people whom she can partner with to put those ideas into life.

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Tressa Sanders, Founder Of Stack English, Inc.

Stack English, Inc., offers online one-on-one lessons on technical and business English to IT professionals who want to study English as a foreign language.

Tressa worked in the IT department of big companies in the U.S. (such as JP Morgan Chase, Raymond James Financial, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Bank of America, AT&T Wireless and Sprint) for over 20 years, and is also an English teacher.

Her goal is to help IT professionals, like her, to improve their English.   That way, they can compete in the market and take on better career and business opportunities.

When ideas come to her, she acts on them.  She starts by searching for information and see if there’s a good market.  She’ll check for the availability of the domain name, then she’ll buy.

If her idea is about selling actual products online, she’ll create networks and build a relationship with her prospective suppliers, and build a plan on how the online shop will work.  She will not stop until the product is ready to test in the market.  While testing, she will focus on the marketing aspect.

Once the idea comes to her, she doesn’t delay.   She starts from step one until her product is in the market.  Procrastination is not an idea she entertains.


Angela Marcus, Creator of GetYourPet.com

Why did Angela put up GetYourPet.com?   She wants to empower pet guardians and those who adopt pets to allow pets to be in one good home to another.

GetYourPet.com is an adoption community for pets.  A platform where people who need to surrender their pets and people who want to adopt pets can connect.

If we human beings find it hard to transition when we move to another house, what more with our pets.  Going from the owner’s home to a shelter to another home (or adopter) is not easy for pets.  Angela aims to make this transition much more comfortable.

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How does she put her idea of GetYourPet.com to action?

Angela considers herself fortunate for being a part of a team who work together finding and discussing new and innovative ideas and prioritize in putting them into action.


Lauren Hill, President And Founder Of Medical Inflatables, Inc.

Medical Inflatables, Inc., provide excellent quality, interactive, educational models of the human anatomy.  The company aims to educate, help teach people to understand the nature, risks, symptoms, and causes of many diseases.  In line with this, they also wanted to assist in the prevention, if possible, of the condition and finding a cure.

Her company works closely with a team of board-certified professionals in the field of medicine to make sure of the accuracy of the information they convey and precision in their exhibits.  Then, she’ll work with the manufacturer until they get to the final exhibit model.

Have you got the idea of how your niche work to your advantage?  With unique ideas on your mind, worthwhile yet realistic goal, and right people, there’s a possibility that you will make it big, too.  My hope is to inspire you not to delay your plans and don’t procrastinate on the ideas you got.   Who knows, it might work for you.






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