Tips On How To Generate More Sales Online

As an online store owner, I always wanted to increase my sales, and that goal never ends.  When I reached my target sale this month, I would raise my target for the next, and so on.  I achieve it not only by working hard but by being innovative with the products I sell and the marketing strategies.


Conversion Rate Optimization Brought By Simple Changes

You should put on the effort to come out of your comfort zone.   Willingness to take the simple to drastic action for change (improvement) both in your product and marketing strategy can make you achieve your goal.  It may take much of your time, money, and effort to test the market, but it is worth it when you generate more visitors on your site and convert them into paying customers.

If you’re new in the online business, it is necessary to consider CRO (conversion rate optimization) to increase the number of visitors on your page and take on your call to action.  If you successfully turn your guests into customers, it would mean better cash flow for your business.

I want to share with you some simple changes you can do if you want to increase your sales for your online business.


Call To Action

Conversion happens depending on the effectivity of your call to action.

What is the call to action?

As the word implies, it is calling your visitor to react to the offer you made.  This urges your reader to take the next step.  Formulating a call to action that is more specific to your target audience makes it sounds personalized.    It will help if you section your visitors, especially when doing e-mail marketing campaign.  You can address your paying customers by directing them to a specific landing page, and the unconverted leads are guided to a different page through another link.

It is a must that you consider your customer’s journey when creating your call to action.


Write Your Headlines With Clarity

Your headline is the first words your visitors will see as they click on your page.  Whether it is your article, product page, or homepage, it has to have that element that will capture your reader’s attention.  This will make them stay, read, and browse your site.

When you can convey your message with clarity, there’s a high probability that it will make an impact on your readers.  Positive, accurate, and direct to the point are some of the qualities of the headline that people prefer to read.  Some company claims that they increase their conversions by more than 50% by following these tips.  They specify precisely what they do, why they do what they do, and for whom they do it for.

A good headline mentions your target audience and how can they benefit from what you are offering them.


Organize Your Navigation Menu

Declutter by minimizing the navigation menus on the key pages.   This will put your visitor’s focus on your call to action, and they are likely to take action, instead of seeing themselves jumping from one page to another.


Consider Other Elements Around Your Call To Action

Zalora tried changing the product text around their CTA, and they said they got a 12% increase in sales.

Although your call to action is of most important, you must not take for granted all other elements.  Every element is important in itself and has a role to play in your sales.

This means you have to optimize how your copy is written, including the spaces around it.


White Spaces Actually Generates Sales

Your whitespaces in your websites serve as the breathing room for readers.   Don’t make your page look crowded.  If there are too many things are going on in your page, it will tire your visitor’s eyes.  And what will you do when you get tired? You probably know the answer to that one.


Real Photos In Action

Professionally or not professionally done, actual photos of your products in action which you took and uploaded are more appealing to your audience.  Don’t just take pictures of your items in the green, white, or black background.  Let your audience know that your products work and are worth a try through the photos you show them.   Take pictures of real people and show their real emotions as they see and touch your product.

Nothing is more enticing to the audience than letting them hear your sincere words and feel your real-life emotions.

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