Stress: The Thief That Robs You Of Your Success

Managing your own small business can be very rewarding, but can also take a toll on your mental health.  Staying too focused, devoting all your time and attention to growing your business can sometimes make you forgot to look after your well-being.  You fear that when you close your eyes for a moment, it will all be gone.


The trials you face when running your business affect not just your mental health, but also of your staff, and sometimes even your family.


Having No Time For Your Family

You often miss dinner because you need to work long hours to meet deadlines and demands of your business.  The family time stays at the back of your mind or the bottom of your to-do-list because your priority is to take your business off the ground.


Misunderstanding and rift can happen between you and your partner.  Your children may feel neglected and unloved.


There’s No More Boundary

You come home late and still brought back some paper works.  Before you hit the bed, instead of chatting with your partner or having quality time with your kids, you’ll respond to your emails or make phone calls related to your business.   You seem to be insensitive and no longer have a sense of who should be at home. “People who have difficulty saying no are often people pleasers and are trying to make too many people happy,” says Drenner. “Over time they become over-extended and exhausted and their self-esteem is eroded, because no matter how hard they try to please others, they can never do enough.” says counselor Monte Drenner.


You Feel Alone

Being so caught up with managing the business’ cash flow, financial issues, dealing with employee and customer-related matters, and more, you forgot to socialize and have fun with your employees and friends outside of work. But note, “By building a list of people that you trust, with whom you can talk to in times of need, you allow yourself a strong sense of not being alone.” David Klow, a licensed therapist said.


You isolate yourself that you find yourself alone most of the time.  You feel no one will understand what you’re going through, that you choose not to talk about your worries.


You feel burdened and responsible for everyone in the company and in your home.


Stress Can Pull You Down

These and more work-related stress can either pull you up the ladder of success or pull you down to the ground.  It can be your driving force to give your best to ensure that your business will be a success.  And it can also be the source of your exhaustion. “Some stress is unavoidable but if you can keep perspective then it can be a whole lot easier.” Gretchen Flores, MA LPC LCPC explains.


More than reaching for success, you have to be responsible for yourself, family, and employees’ mental health and well-being.  For they, too, are involved in your life and your business.  In the long run, this stress will cause you to develop a mental health condition.


Your family will lose their respect to you.  Your employees will just think of you as a slave driver boss.  You become a person who is difficult to be with.  One day, you’ll wake up alone and lonely.


The Storm You Didn’t See Coming

You will start to feel tired and fatigued.  Concentrating on specific tasks will start to get difficult.  You will tend to be emotional, easily get frustrated with people around you or with the business or work.


Once you start feeling like this, you’ll turn to alcohol or other vices (like gambling) believing that it would help you cope and will make you feel relaxed.  Most businessmen lost their hard-earned possessions because of this.


Drinking alcohol is no help, instead will give you more trouble in the morning when you wake up with a throbbing headache.  With that condition, you’ll either take the day off or won’t be able to accomplish anything.


Gambling can be an addiction.  It produces the same brain chemicals like drugs and alcohol.  At first, you think it was some way to release tension, an escape to your tiring world.  It might be too late before you become aware that your betting has gone too far, that it has impacted your family, relationships, work, and business negatively.


Take Care Of Your Mental Health

It’s just expected of you, as a boss, to be responsible for your employees and the business; as a father to be responsible for your family.  But you as a person is also responsible for your mental and physical well-being.  This is one area of life that many business people fail to look at and consider.  They get burned out with no one to share their worries with.


Your mental health issues can rob you of everything you work hard for, the material things, and the family and relationships you once cherished and dreamt of providing and giving your best to support. There are online counseling apps such as BetterHelp that you can rely on for help in cases like this. A licensed counselor will talk to you and give guidance on how you can handle your problems. For reference on how it works, you can check out this review from Glassdoor.


When you’re running a business, it is essential to consider your health, mental and physical, to stay in control, handle the demands of your business, and still enjoy life with your family and friends.

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