Looking Back To 2014 Anaheim Innovation Conference

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There are many things to remember about the successful 2014 anaheim innovation conference. It has been three years since I last attended the event, but I can still vividly remember how exciting it was for all the participants. In this article, allow me to share my experience during the said conference.


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It was during the last quarter of 2014 when my work colleagues and I decided to join the event. We did not sign up during the first few months from the time the final details of the event was made available for the public. We waited until the last minute. Because of it, we paid more expensive fees compared to those who availed of the early bird promo.

Looking back at the said experience, I can say that we made the right decisions to sign up for the event because we learned a lot from the keynote speakers. At the same time, we were also able to connect with other professionals engaged in the field of information technology. The best part of all is that all these individuals were willing to share their knowledge and expertise without expecting anything in return.

Source: pixabay.com

The primary theme for the conference was innovation. One of the speakers emphasized that every one of us must find a way to find our passion when it comes to innovation and technology. Because of his motivation, my workmates and I dared to start our own business. As such, we decided to pool our resources and build a start-up company.

Fortunately, everything went great. As of the moment, we are now the bosses of our own company. We did not expect that everything will turn out to be perfectly fine, but with the right amount of efforts, we were able to accomplish all our goals. We still have a long way to go on this journey, and we wish everything is going to be okay in the future.



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