How To Be Helpful Without Being “Extra”


You can say that you have made it in life when the money in your bank account is enough to feed an entire community. It is something that you cannot claim if your house is still on a mortgage or you need to get a loan to buy a car. If the latter is the case, it may be better for you to keep on working hard to pay off your debts.

What’s terrific about genuinely successful individuals is that they do not shy away from helping others in need. Some companies offer to fund startups, for instance. If a group of scientists opens a GoFundMe or Patreon account, they do not hesitate to send a substantial amount to see them move forward. Others even launch a charitable institution or visit orphanages annually to offer help in any way possible.

The only issue that I have with some wealthy Samaritans is that everything they do seems to become a news article the next day. Broadcasting outlets may even go to the venue to cover the event and talk about the positive sides of the rich person. That can make viewers wonder, “If their only intention is to help the not-so-fortunate people, why do they need to broadcast it to the entire world?” “If they want to meet the orphans and know their situation for real, does it have to be a headline in the newspaper?”

Without being hateful, I can say that doing all of that is a little “extra.” Though you may have followers and supporters, many are not fond of individuals who feel the need to broadcast their excellent deeds. It can seem as if you are purposely generous for the press.

If you want to be helpful without being “extra,” here’s what you can do.


Donate Anonymously

The first thing is to make anonymous donations to the charitable institutions, schools, or hospitals that you support. You do not have to prepare a vast gathering so that people can take pictures as you hand over a cheque to the head of the organization. If they thank you publicly, that will be their choice.

Avoid Leaking The Event To Media Outlets Before It Happens

Whether you have a PR team or not, try to prevent them from talking about your charitable event to media outlets before it happens. The reason is that it will appear like an invitation to the press to cover your story. There is no need for that if your sole intention is to help others.


Dress Casually

You have probably seen photos and videos of wealthy people wearing format outfit while volunteering in a homeless shelter or giving out relief goods in disaster-stricken areas. Well, don’t be that kind of person. Not only will it seem like you are showing who’s boss, but it can make the less fortunate individuals feel smaller than ever. If you want to be there, it is ideal for you to dress casually and mingle with everyone.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, being “extra” is a necessity sometimes. That is especially true if you are running for office and want the voters to be aware of your charitable works. However, you can allow the good word to spread naturally through the people you have helped so that no one will doubt your real intentions. This can be a challenging change that online counseling apps like BetterHelp can play an important role in.

When it comes to shifting your approach, a trained professional can guide you in making the right steps. Moreover, you can also benefit from online counseling supports in all facets of life and work.

With that, I hope you remember the tips above. Cheers!

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