Counselor Answers: How Can A Company Get The Best Employees?

I have been working for the same company for a couple of years now. I had seen many of my coworkers come and go after three months or so because they turned out to be unfit for the kind of job they applied for.

What’s the big idea, you might ask?

Some of them thought that it was easy to become a marketing strategy editor. I attended introductory meetings with those new employees, and they expressed that their trial tests were too easy. One of them was even smug enough to say, “I hope to be challenged soon.” Inwardly, I was like, “Chill, big guy. You’ll see a real challenge in no time.” And after a short while, I just learned that that guy got dismissed because he could not keep up with the rest of us.


Meanwhile, the bosses also gave a shot to people with completely different job experiences to bring out their natural talents. The issue, however, was that they did not set any bar at all, so they ended up hiring individuals who did not have a single clue about what they must do, no matter how many hours of training they had.

In the end, I became the only full-time marketing editor in the company, while the others were all part-timers.

The Bosses’ Big Decision

My direct superior, the head of sales and marketing, called me to his office one day for a meeting. I did a mental check on the things that I did the last few days and could not remember one issue, so I thought that was not why I was hailed. When I sat down, he asked how I was doing with my work, if it was difficult, etc.


“The actual job per se was not difficult. I loved a good challenge, after all. The problem was that there was just an inhuman amount of projects thrown my way at this time because I’m the only full-time marketing editor right now. But other than that, it’s all good,” I replied.

My boss nodded thoughtfully. He said, “I understand. Even I am having issues from my end because of the backlog, which is not your fault. It would be nice if we could have new editors to support you.”

“I agree,” I uttered.

“My counselor gave me something to ponder on when I met her last week. She told me that one possible reason why our editors could not last was that we allowed the HR team to train them, even though they did not know the full extent of the job. Hence, I would like to appoint you as the new supervisor of the marketing editor team. Is that something that you would like to do?”


“Oh, wow,” was all I could say. We already had managers, so I did not expect to get a promotion anytime soon. Granted, the supervisor role was a cross between my current job and the manager’s job, but it was still a promotion, so I immediately said yes when I got over my shock.

How I Did With My New Post

There was that initial doubt about my ability to become a great mentor for the new editors. After all, I had never taken on such a responsibility ever in my life. However, my project managers gave me their support and told me that there was nothing to worry about because I was the best person for that role, so I tried to remember that when I was already training the newbies.

Was it easy? I could not say that it was because the people that I trained had different skills. Some of them used to be book editors, while others were writers. But none of them experienced being a marketing editor in the past, so they all went through baby steps for a couple of weeks.


Was I harsh on them? Of course not – I was even joking with them. However, it became clear to those people that their jobs hinged on my approval when I started correcting their work without leaving any stone unturned. That made some of them straighten up and listen to me because they understood that I was an expert and freely shared my knowledge with them. You could hardly find that kind of trait in other successful people.

My Efforts’ Impact On The Company

My recruits turned out to be assets in the company. They followed my tips and instructions, and their works were almost as flawless as mine. We managed to hold on to most of them for at least a year. It was typically because of a personal reason and not because they got sacked if anyone ever left.

When I saw my boss again, he commended me for a job well done. I said, “Perhaps we should thank your counselor instead. If she didn’t point out that we need a subject-matter expert as a supervisor/trainer, we might not have thought of this.”

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