A Guide To Reopening Your Hotel Post-COVID-19


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Indeed, all of us hope for the circumstances to improve the soonest possible time, but here’s a quick reality check – the coronavirus will stick around for the coming months – that is a fact.

If you are one of the owners of a big or small hotel, you might as well be ready for a transformed world post-COVID-19. In the aftermath, you’ll need to put in more effort when you reopen your hotel. When the medical professionals and the government soon give their signal, you’ll be back in business.

As the situation improves, the market will also recover, assuring businesses that it will get better, perhaps in the last quarter of the year and hopefully the whole of next year. Presently, there are still businesses that remain open despite the losses while some are finding ways to use their time wisely during the lockdowns. Hotel managers and owners can now think of several plans of action to get ready for recovery.

Prepare Appropriate Procedures.

In the midst of all of this, the most vital part is to follow government policies about reopening businesses in your state. Each business classification has its own procedures. Once you have all the details, prepare for a prevention plan, and convey this plan to the hotel staff and the guests.

Distancing guidelines. Since the virus will stick around for a while, you must implement social distancing measures to help protect the people in your hotel safe and secure. The guideline is to keep a distance of three meters from another person, which is one of the most critical steps in preventing a pandemic. Obviously, you will need to display these guidelines on the vital areas of your hotel, such as the guest rooms, restaurant, and reception area, among others.

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Staff And Customer Safety

In these uncertain times, hoteliers must be concerned with the health and safety of their staff and their guests. In the aftermath of the pandemic, things will be crucial. You must protect everyone in your hotel safe by putting in place all the recommended measures that need to be implemented. It is vital to have available masks, sanitizers, gloves, and cleaning equipment that the staff needs to keep the hotel disinfected regularly. It would also be better if you can have temperature checks on your guests.

Assess Your Financial Status

The current global health crisis is causing chaos all over the world. It has already done so much damage. As a consequence, all plans are out of the window, and you, along with all other entrepreneurs that have gone out of business for a while, will need to start fresh. When creating new strategies and plans of action, consider the changes that the pandemic has caused, including the behavior of the consumers. If things don’t go well, then you’ll have an exit strategy for hotel business and management.

Apply Practical Revenue Management

It is important to ensure the health and safety of the people around you, but it is also more important to make wise decisions on how to continue the business successfully.

Don’t Cut On The Rates Too Much

Moving on, you will need to check your rates and most likely decrease them regularly. You know that you need to be versatile and balanced. The price swings are due to the competitors who have gone too low on their room rates because they panicked, and you must anticipate that. It is true that now is the appropriate time for promos and discounts, but it’s never a time to go too low either. Don’t destroy your brand. Remember that demand is not associated with prices. People travel when they want to, and their hotel choices are dependent on many factors, not mainly on room rates. Instead of cutting down the rates, offer meal options and other extras that would obscure the rates.

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The decision to base your decisions on the past is always there, think about the opportunity to adapt to the new normal and succeed despite the challenges that it brings. There is truly great power in technology, determination, and the will to survive.




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